There are only a few changes from the MikroKopter schematic:

  • MEGA88
  • Steuer_B+ (PB2) is now PD3 (and Steuer_A- is PB2)
  • Steuer_C+ (PB1) is now PD5 (and Steuer_C- is PB1)
  • The capacitor between PC6 (Reset) and GND is removed so the Dragon can use the debugWIRE
  • The AREF pin (20) is isolated (with external capacitor) so we can use AVcc or Internal 1.1V voltage reference

The PINs with PWM are:

  • PB3 (pin 15- OC2A) with A+
  • PD3 (pin 1- OC2B) with B+
  • PD5 (pin 9- OC0B) with C+

We use the 8-bit counters 0 and 2. The 16-bit counter 1 is not used for PWM.

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