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This site is about Radio-Control (RC). There is an article in the world largest wiki site, Wikipedia, about RC models:

A radio-controlled model (or RC model) is a model that is steerable with the use of radio control. All types of vehicles imaginable have had RC systems installed in them, including cars, boats, planes, and even helicopters and scale railway locomotives…

But RC is an endless subject so we are going to focus on a few themes. One of them is electric brushless DC (BLDC) motor control and there is also an article in Wikipedia about BLDC motors:

A brushless DC motor (BLDC) is an AC synchronous electric motor that from a modeling perspective looks very similar to a DC motor. Sometimes the difference is explained as an electronically controlled commutation system, instead of a mechanical commutation system, although this is misleading, as physically the two motors are completely different…

This site is about Radio Control and sensorless BLDC motor control. For now with Atmel AVR microcontrollers and Zigbee.

With your help we will build a RS232 based R/C (radio control) with Zigbee. See the Project.

The first step: build the AVR based sensorless BLDC Electronic Speed Control (ESC). You can have an introduction to this subject at Motor CTRL Basics

The second step: build the RS232 RF link (Zigbee).


If you want to participate in this project please contact or present yourself at the Forum.

The hardware I am using now:

I am using the Mikrokopter hardware modified as explained at AVR Speed Control and ESC PCB

What am I doing now?

I just finished the motor startup, as documented at Motor Startup. The rotor position detection works with hard disk (Western Digital) and laser printer (Kyocera) motors.
Now I will begin the motor speed control.

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